Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sediment Flow

Kiwi singer/songwriter and Surfrider Foundation member Daniel Gannaway has written a song to support Trestles.

"Daniel has offered the song free for download via his Myspace page and his comment at his website is to 'Share it with your friends,sing along, and figure out how you too can help preserve one of the
remaining jewels of the Southern California Coast...'"

Here are the lyrics:

Sediment Flow [Save Trestles]
Music & Lyrics by Daniel Gannaway/APRA (c) 2006

We all love to go left
We love to go right
I've dreamt of surfing Lower Trestles
Since I saw Kelly Slater in black and white

TCA don't build your toll road
You're gonna change the sediment flow

Some say why go there 'cause it's so
crowded crowded crowded crowded
& getting there ain't easy 'cause you cant
drive up drive up drive up drive up
Well if I thought like that
I'd never leave my drive thru doorstep
But my dream of Trestles is world class
and I'm happy to walk through nature for it

TCA don't build your toll road
You're gonna change the sediment flow
Sediment flow
Sediment flow
Sediment flow
Sediment flow

We all love to go left
We love to go right
We got to Save Trestles
Keep nature in sight

TCA don't build your toll road
You're gonna change the sediment flow
Sediment flow
Sediment flow
Sediment flow
Sediment flow


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