Friday, March 2, 2007

TCA gets a taste of Chinese Democracy

Big news came down yesterday…


The surprise announcement was made at the end of the TCA’s Operation and Budget Committee meeting by the TCA’s CEO himself, William Woollett.

Woollett, along with the TCA’s Deputy Director of Environment and Planning, Macie Cleary Milan cited several reasons for the postponement – notably the three outstanding lawsuits that have been filed by the California Attorney General’s Office, Native American Heritage Foundation, and of course the Surfrider Foundation and it’s coalition partners! Cleary Milan also noted that the agency is expecting delays in receiving permits from both the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the California Coastal Commission.

I need not tell you that this is OUTSTANDING NEWS for the SAVE TRESTLES campaign! The longer this campaign drags out, the closer we get to the TCA’s non-compete agreement with Cal Trans running out!!

Now the big question is: Which is more likely…the TCA winning approval for the 241 Toll Road anytime before 2020 or Guns n’ Roses actually deciding to release Chinese Democracy?

“Toll roads are essential – blah, blah, blah!” - William Woollett


“This album will blow away ‘Appetite For Destruction’ – blah, blah, blah!” – Axl Rose

Be sure stay tuned to to find out more about this and other breaking news (including possible legislation being introduced prohibiting roads through California State Parks!!)

Until next time,

Your pals at the Surfrider Foundation

PS – Big shout out to our friends at Dragon Alliance (yeah Checky!) and Ocean Minded (yeah Gary!) for supporting Surfrider Foundation’s SAVE TRESTLES campaign!! Thanks to them, we have brand new Save Trestles yard signs available. Stop by the office and pick one up!!


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