Wednesday, June 6, 2007

State Senator Christine Kehoe speaks up for San Onofre

Sacrificing parklands for more roads

By Christine Kehoe
June 6, 2007
Last month, the U.S. House of Representatives took the first step in leveling the playing field in the growing debate over a six-lane highway coming out of Orange County that would bisect San Onofre State Beach in northern San Diego County.

Led by Reps. Susan Davis, D-San Diego, and Loretta Sanchez, D-Garden Grove, the House-passed Defense Authorization bill reverses prior federal legislation that exempts the toll-road project from state law. The prior act was a largely unnoticed and unprecedented end run around the California Coastal Act and other state laws enacted to protect California's natural, historical and cultural resources.

Exemptions that circumvent the rule of California law make bad policy, especially when, as in this case, the exempted project has generated considerable public opposition. This project should be subject to the same analysis and environmental review that any other project in the state would receive.

The proposed Foothill-South Toll Road would traverse San Onofre State Beach from top to bottom...

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Everyone should take up initiatives like these. I am proud atleast someone spoke up.


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