Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thank the Commission and Come Celebrate With Us!

We set up an online petition to thank the Commissioners for protecting Trestles. It's very important that we thank decision makers when they do the right thing!

This landslide vote was a watershed moment for the environmental movement and we need to make sure the Commissioners are positively acknowledged!It's super easy. Go here: and sign your name. Surfrider will print up all the signatures and then hand deliver them at the next CCC hearing in So Cal.

We are having a party next Saturday (Feb 23) at the OC Tavern to celebrate our win at the Coastal Commission hearing. We have three outstanding bands lined up (Bushwalla, Anna Troy and Austin Jennings). Plus, there will be a killer raffle…..and most importantly, all your friends who have helped protect Trestles and San Onofre will be there! Pass around the invite!

When: Sat Feb 23 at 8pm

Where: OC Tavern: 2369 El Camino Real,San Clemente


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