Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dirty Harry vs. The Terminator

More press today in the LA Times. I guess if anyone has the courage to fire Clint Eastwood it would be Arnold. He's been wrong on so many environmental decisions lately. You have to wonder who is giving him guidance these days?

Eastwood ..."seemed perplexed because his opposition to the road predated by more than two years the governor's endorsement of it in January. He said that he told Schwarzenegger long ago of his reservations and that the governor urged him to follow his conscience."

"You're not going to get people who are interested in state parks who want to build freeways through state parks," Eastwood said. "So I don't know what the big surprise was there."

Here's what Eastwood has to say about San Onofre and the toll road

And Bobby Shriver led off the opposition to the toll road at last month's Coastal Commission Hearing. These guys are heroes for the coast!!


Anonymous said...

Arnold Schwarzenegger is scum. I hate Arnold. He is the Terminator of State Parks.

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