Thursday, March 27, 2008

Action Alert--Please Sign and Pass Around.

The fight to Save Trestles continues. Last month, the California Coastal Commission (CCC) voted to deny an application for the proposed Foothill-South toll road.
The CCC overwhelmingly concluded the toll road is not compliant with several provisions of California coastal law. Thousands of Save Trestles supporters attended the meeting—making it a record setting hearing, and a watershed moment for the environmental movement.

However, the Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA) has filed an appeal with the Secretary of Commerce requesting the CCC decision be overruled.

The appeal process includes an opportunity for the public to request a local hearing in order for the Secretary to hear concerns of California residents. Please help us contact the Secretary of Commerce and ask him to grant a public hearing.

We were able to sway the Coastal Commission when thousands of people attended the hearing—and now we need to show the Federal government how powerful our voices are together.

Please tell the folks in Washington DC to come out to California and hear why so many people are opposed to the toll road. We need your help ensuring the Secretary of Commerce grants a public hearing so all of your concerns will be heard.

Please sign the alert here:

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