Monday, June 16, 2008

More Shenanigans from the TCA

Just when we think the TCA can't astound and disappoint us more...they do!

The surprise factor came when the TCA Board of Directors approved to spend nearly one million dollars annually on lobbying expenses! Yep! Just last week, they hired a second lobbying firm and will pay that company $35,000 a month!! Combined with current lobbying expenses, the TCA will be spending more monthly on lobbying, than the average American household earns annually!

Sit on that for a while...and, remember, the organizations fighting the TCA rely on grassroots advocates and volunteers to do most of their "lobbying".

The disappointment factor of the TCA is always there...but was compounded by their participation in secret meetings with key federal regulators. A federal interagency committee (formally known as the South Orange County Transportation Infrastructure Improvement Project) has been tasked with coordinating an objective evaluation of alternatives to the Foothill-South Toll Road extension.

And guess what?...the TCA keeps showing up and meddling with the process, essentially rendering the committee incapable of being "objective". Well, Lt. Governor John Garamendi is not happy about the public being kept out of the process and the TCA having "secret access", the Lt. Governor wrote a very strongly worded letter to the Federal Government asking for the process to be changed. You've gotta read the press release: click here

Are you interested in learning more about the proposed toll road and how it will impact San Onofre and Trestles? Join Stefanie Sekich, of the Surfrider Foundation, on a guided tour and hike of the area on Saturday June 28th. We'll be meeting at the Trestles Parking lot at 10:30. Please RSVP at:


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