Monday, September 15, 2008

Sept 22 Hearing Update

The toll road hearing, next Monday, Sept 22, is fast approaching.

We need you to bring your friends and family! As we saw at the Coastal Commission hearing, when over 3,000 people show up and demand protection of San Onofre and Trestles, decision makers listen! We cannot let the Bush administration overturn a decision that has already been made in California. Get ready! It's time to gather and defend Trestles.

Hopefully you have had a chance to read the hearing procedures: click here Hand-held sings need be a specific dimension (13 x 22 inches). Surfrider will be setting up sign-making stations to ensure everyone has "the right sized signs"; and we'll also be passing out signs already made. Since the hearing will go ‘all day', we are creating interactive stations and planning fun activities outside the hearing (such as, face painting for the kids, frisbee, hacky sack, and of course letter writing stations)! If you can't come for the entire day, please stop by for a bit--just coming for an hour or two CAN make a difference--at this point, public pressure is key to stopping this toll road.

At the hearing, there will be "drop boxes" for letters and we need to fill them up! If you have friends who cannot come, please let them know you can hand-deliver a letter for them. Surfrider, and our partners, will be providing supporters with tee shirts and other goodies (first come, first served). Upon arriving, please check in at the welcome booth. During the hearing break (scheduled at 2pm), we are planning a rally with special speakers. We will also gather briefly after the hearing to re-cap the day and celebrate our efforts!

Other "House Keeping Notes"... We are hoping the list of speakers will be published soon. You can check NOAA's website here: click here and click on "TCA". By Friday we'll be sending around "talking points" to assist you with your testimony (if you are chosen to speak).

We have space in our bus/carpool. If you are coming from Orange County, email Robin: If you are in San Diego, email: and indicate if you would like to leave from Ocean Beach or Oceanside. If you are driving yourself, please note there is a $9 parking fee.

Don't forget our street corner demonstration on Sunday before the hearing. September 21st--9am: Street San Elijo Ave and Chesterfield Dr, in Cardiff, CA. Meet us on the corner of San Elijo and Chesterfield in Cardiff, CA (near the Patagonia store). Patagonia Address: 2185 San Elijo Ave Cardiff By Sea, CA 92007. Thanks for your continued support and see you on Sept 22!


Rob Nixon said...

So is there a way for me to get hand written letters from Texas to the drop boxes? Is there a mailing address to mail them to?


Rob Nixon
Volunteer Coordinator
Surfrider Foundation South Texas Chapter

Anonymous said...

Just added it to the front page, but there's a physical address at

All letters and petitions must be in DC by October 1.


Anonymous said...

Me, like many other working schlubs here in SD, simply can't take a whole day off for this. I think we could and would however be willing to show up early / extend our lunch / leave work a little early. That said, I hope that our hour can be utilized to the max. Maybe there is a way to send an email blast out to supporters like me that want to come, but just can't give the whole day?

Thanks for what you're doing and please keep up the great work.

-AJ in OB

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you're doing to organize this and help save this special place!!!!

Sania said...

For what purpose the letters are submitted? I didn’t get the purpose for filling the forms and writing letters.
Well, you are doing great efforts to save this beautiful place.

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ellieharry said...
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