Friday, October 3, 2008

Trestles: Videos of the Good and Bad...Plus Media Coverage

Can you believe it's almost been two weeks since the hearing?

If you missed the hearing, you can check out a video done by Chris Cantore (longtime San Diego radio morning host). The ever-talented Chris is putting his creative juices into producing videos! Chris spent the summer as the "Official Ambassador for the Del Mar Scene" where he made videos featuring Ziggy Marley, Gavin Rossdale and others. Surfrider plans on partnering with Chris on other projects...thanks for all your support, Cantore! click here for the video

Things Haven't Slowed Down and We Need You to Stay Active…. The LA Time recently published a great opinion blog, and we need you to post a comment. Because of the ability to add lengthy comments, this blog provides an ideal place for you to share your thoughts on why the Secretary of Commerce needs to uphold the Coastal Commission decision. This is also a great opportunity for people who wanted to speak at the hearing but were not chosen. click here to read and post a comment.

While You're at It…. Check out what we've more comments on You Tube...!

The Transportation Corridor Agencies doesn't webcast their Board of Directors meetings. BUT WE DO!! Since February 2008, we have been attending and filming their meetings providing some insight into how TCA conducts itself. The tapes show confusion about the basic finances of the toll roads, as well as debate over the $678,000 annual tab for lobbying the Federal Government to overturn the California Coastal Commission. After viewing these videos we are sure you will agree with us that it's time for the TCA to record and webcast its meetings so the public can keep a closer eye on these politicians. We encourage you to check out these clips and tell us what you think! Write the TCA and tell them you support webcasting all future board meetings. You have a right to know! click here for videos....