Monday, December 15, 2008

Seasons Greetings and Reminder the Federal Gov’t will Rule Soon on Toll Road…

Happy Holidays from the Surfrider Foundation!

As we enter into the busy holiday season, we want to remind you that the Secretary of Commerce will soon be making his decision regarding the appeal of the California Coastal Commission ruling. He has until Jan 7, 2009 to decide.

If the Secretary of Commerce upholds the Coastal Commission's decision, then we are one huge step closer to stopping this project, protecting San Onofre State Park and SAVING TRESTLES! If the Secretary rules in favor of the toll road developers, then it means that our federal officials can be bought off by big business...

Regardless of the decision, Surfrider needs you to stay engaged--no matter what the decision is, there will be work for us to do!

We'll need to continue writing letters and communicating with elected officials. And, either way, we'll need YOUR continued support to apply endless pressure so we can effectively stop this horrific project! Once the Secretary makes his decision, we will have specific action items for you. In the meantime, take a look at this blog posted on the LA Times regarding the Secretary of Commerce decision. We need favorable comments on the blog--so fire away! click here
Thanks again for all your effort and support!


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