Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Keeping our Eye on the TCA and State Parks....

The Surfrider Foundation has not stopped monitoring the TCA. We still attend (and film) their Board of Directors meetings… AND we are waiting with bated breath to see what they actually mean when they say: "The TCA will reach out to stakeholders and seek common ground for traffic solutions…" While we are waiting... and they are attempting to reach out to stakeholders, it seems they are finally backing away from the toll road alignment that would have ruined San Onofre State Beach (which is officially illegal under both state and Federal law). Just this week, the TCA officially withdrew their application to the Regional Water Quality Control Board for a permit to build the toll road as planned. Dare we applaud them now, but it seems the TCA realizes the particular alignment through a State Park is dead! In fact, the Surfrider Foundation calls upon the TCA to make a public statement promising to give up on a route through the Park. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, revisit the mischievous ways of the TCA. The OC Progressive (a newly formed blog) is uncovering the missteps of the TCA. The authors (Former Huntington Beach Planning Commissioner Joe Shaw, Former Fountain Valley Mayor Gus Ayer, and Heather Pritchard) have a keen insight into Orange County politics and expose interesting TCA shenanigans. click here

Speaking of State Parks…. The Surfrider Foundation is heading to our state Capitol for Park Advocacy Day in March. Park Advocacy Day is an event that brings together park supporters from throughout California to advocate for the protection and enhancement of State parks. Participants meet with policymakers to discuss the important issues facing state parks throughout California. These meetings make a great impact in legislators' support for key park policies and issues. We are pleased to be part of the event because we believe our work on the Save Trestles campaign can help raise awareness about the importance of protecting our State Parks. If you are interested in attending or learning more about Park Advocacy Day, go here: click here

And in Other State Park News... The Surfrider Foundation is following, and supporting, newly introduced legislation that would ban smoking at State parks and beaches. For the past 15 years, our campaign "Hold Onto Your Butt" has focused on the major problems associated with cigarette litter. Not only will this legislation make our State parks and beaches more enjoyable, but it will help decrease litter harming wildlife and creating wild fires. In the near future we will have specific actions on how you can support this effort, but until then, please visit Senator Oropeza’s website to learn more about the bill she has introduced and why it’s so important. click here
For the ocean, beaches and waves,



Orange County Summer Camps said...

That would be great. I sure hate it when you're outdoors, everything's great, and you smell that terrible cigarette smoke. Blech. I have to say, though, that things are MUCH better than they were years ago. Now it's almost unusual to smell smoke. My kids dislike Vegas because of the cigarette smoke.

I do, however, think that people should have the freedom to do what they want to, even if it's smoking. I like Disneyland's solution. There are designated smoking areas. Yes, you'll walk by one and smell smoke, but at least you know that once you get past that area, it'll be gone.

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