Monday, April 6, 2009

Surfrider Foundation hits the state Capitol in full force!

We recently participated in Park Advocacy Day where we met with elected officials to advocate for the protection and enhancement of our State park system. The Save Trestles campaign was featured as a key issue; and Surfrider was pleased to showcase our work on this campaign in order to provide legislators with a tangible example of why protecting parks is so important. Keeping in line with our Park protection efforts, we were also an expert witness at the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee where we testified in support of SB 4 (the smoking ban on State Parks and Beaches). The bill passed committee! Click here to learn more and take action.

What's Up with Toll Road Developers, you ask?

Well, we still aren't sure ourselves. Regardless of what they are doing, Surfrider is maintaining our outreach efforts and will continue to pressure the TCA to do the right thing and stay out of San Onofre State Beach. We are attending their Board of Directors meeting this week, so hopefully we will learn more. Stay tuned….

In the meantime, catch up on other issues outside of the Save Trestles campaign. We need folks in Southern California to take a survey about Marine Protected Areas. Go here to learn more about Surfrider's Marine Protected Areas efforts and share your thoughts. click here

If you like big public hearings (and we know you do since you probably attended one of the Save Trestles hearings over the years) then we have something you will love! US Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, is holding public meetings to talk about the federal government's plans for new offshore drilling. These hearings will help determine what actions the Obama Administration will be taking this fall with regard to allowing new offshore oil and gas drilling in our most sensitive coastal waters, and for approval of renewable energy industry proposals off of our coast. We need people to attend the hearing in San Francisco on April 16, go here to learn more: click here

Thanks for your continuing support.

For the ocean, beaches and waves,