Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Marines don't want the Toll Road either

The OC Register just printed a letter from the Commanding General at Camp Pendleton where he describes at great length his reasoning for not wanting the 241 Toll Road built across Pendleton's land. In case you missed it, the latest TCA proposal is to build the 241 deeper into Pendleton, as seen in this map from the Register.
The gist of the General's comments are "In our view, it's time for the TCA to find another alternative to it's current proposed alignment of the 241 Toll Road through vital training areas on Camp Pendleton."

Pat Brennan at the Register also has a thorough discussion of the letter and the latest machinations of the TCA. Lots of interesting reader comments on that page too, please chime in with your thoughts. Or even better, send a letter to the editor at


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