Monday, August 31, 2020

Urge Governor Newsom to Permanently Protect San Onofre!


Surfrider and the Save San Onofre Coalition are thrilled to report that the California legislature passed a bill, AB 1426, that will permanently protect San Onofre State Beach. Now, this historic legislation is headed to Governor Newsom’s desk!  

Please help us urge the Governor to once and for all protect San Onofre State Beach—California’s 5th most visited state park that is home to the last undeveloped watershed in southern California, houses the world-famous Trestles Beach, endangered species, and contains sacred indigenous sites. 
As you may know, for numerous years Surfrider has fought to protect San Onofre from a six-lane toll road.  During our fight, we won many battles.  In 2008, thousands of activists defeated the toll road at the Coastal Commission hearing. In 2016, we successfully settled a lawsuit which secured an agreement that bans Toll Road Developers from building a road through the park. 
Unfortunately, two lawsuits have been filed to undo our park protections, and that is why we need the Governor to sign this legislation into law!
Send a message to Governor Newsom and urge him to permanently protect for San Onofre State Beach by signing AB 1426. 



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