Thursday, May 29, 2008

Legislators Ask Secretary of Commerce to Protect San Onofre

The Commerce Department reports that over 25,000 comment letters have been received from the public. Thousands of you have told them not to overturn the Coastal Commission. Two letters in particular are notable

First 27 members of Congress including Senator Barbara Boxer and Rep. Susan Davis
  • "We write to express our opposition to the Orange County Foothill South Toll Road project as currently proposed and to ask that you uphold the decision by the California Coastal Commission." ... "We do not believe that the TCA can satisfy any of the criteria on which you are required to base your decision."

Then 35 members of the CA Legislature wrote in and called for the Commerce Department to respect the rights of the Coastal Commission to manage the state's coastal resources. .
  • "The Commission's decision was clear regarding the incompatibility and inconsistency of the Foothill-South Toll Road project with coastal protection laws. As such, its decision should receive appropriate deference during the appeal process. We urge you to uphold the Commission's decision and deny the appeal - respect the public process that has already ruled on this project and respect our state's right to protect our citizens, our coast and our natural resources.

Huge thanks go out to our supporters, activists and legislators.


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