Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eddie Vedder Says....

SAVE TRESTLES!!! Even though the Dept of Commerce hearing location and date is up in the air, Surfrider is still charging along...and so are our supporters! Thanks, Eddie!


Anonymous said...

If Eddie Vedder ever commuted in the same Orange County traffic that I deal with on a daily basis, he would be demonstrating in favor of the toll road. But I'm sure he just takes his private jet so he look down upon the alienated workers on the way to their jobs to do stupid things like pay their mortgage, put food on the table or save for their children's college fund.

Jon Severino said...

Anonymous, I think that it is very smart that you think of your children’s future by investing in a college fund. Every parent should be so responsible. Could you save money for your mortgage by reducing your commuting expense on gasoline and your carbon footprint at the same time? Can you also invest some of your time to preserve the San Mateo Creek Campground and the San Onofre State Park for your children? Invest in your own education by learning the problems with the proposal for the toll road. The California Coastal Commission staff found flaws in every aspect of the TCA’s plan.
You can go to the CCC here:
See the video of the testimony for the permit application here:
Wouldn’t widening the 5 freeway alleviate traffic while creating jobs? If you weren't at that meeting on Feb 6, watch Commissioner Steve Blank’s deliberation on video above where he asks the TCA’s CEO about the road. This video is very informative—watch the staff recommendations at the beginning and then the commissioner’s deliberations at the end.

Anonymous said...

Widening the 5 actually creates more jobs than building the toll-road. The TCA's own study says so!

It's so hilarious what the TCA tells people! What a bunch of nutters!

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