Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank You! Trestles Hearing Successful!

Thank you!

We did it AGAIN--we made a huge impression on decision makers! Close to 3,000 people attended the hearing yesterday (we distributed over 2,700 tee shirts and food tickets--AND we didn't even catch everyone as you walked into the hearing). As you know, we are back in "the waiting game".

The Secretary of Commerce will make his decision between Oct 24, 2008 and January 7 2009.

Which is great!!

It gives us more time to make sure all of our family and friends write the Federal Government and demand they uphold the Coastal Commission decision to protect San Onofre State Beach. We have until Oct 2 to submit comments. We've made it easy for you: click here If you have already completed the action alert, our system will catch it. Even if you have written the Federal Government, please pass this link around to at least 20 friends today.

At this point, waiting is our forte! We have been fighting this toll road for over 10 years... and remember when we had to wait for a public hearing to be rescheduled? Patience always pays off! We will be uploading all the great pictures that were taken yesterday, so stay tuned...

Thanks for your enduring support. It's all possible because of YOU!

Your Pals at Surfrider, Press conference--Elected officials: Bobby Shriver, Bill Lockyer, Christine Kehoe, Donna Frye.


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