Thursday, February 14, 2013

Toll Road Developers at it Again. Help Stop Them!

The TCA is like the game whack-a-mole.  No matter how many times you knock down those persistant-little-moles, they continue to pop up.  And so it goes with the TCA’s mistaken plan to build their road.  Yes, the same road that was rejected by the California Coastal Commission and the Bush Administration in 2008.  Since 2011, the TCA has been proposing to build the road in “segments”—five miles at a time. Surfrider has been writing about their misguided plans on our Save Trestles blog.  Of course, we are also working with the Save San Onofre Coalition to monitor their moves and strategically stop their plans.  

“Segmenting” is illegal under state and federal law. Not only does TCA’s plan circumvent important laws, this approach makes absolutely no planning sense.  The road would create a “cul-de-sac of traffic” for San Juan Capistrano and would actually end at a road that is not even built yet!

TCA’s segmentation plan= poor urban planning!

But here are two more kickers 1.), TCA doesn’t have any financial plans or environmental permits to build this “segment”, AND 2.) TCA is being investigated by the state of California to determine “the long-term financial viability of the agency” (via a government oversight panel chaired by state Treasurer Bill Lockyer,).

Despite not having any plans, money, or political support, the TCA blindly believes they can build their road in segments.  Clearly, The TCA is operating under the false assumption that public resistance to their road has died down.  Did they forget about the insurmountable community opposition that brought out thousands of people to attend state and federal hearings in 2008?

The TCA recently filed an environmental permit with the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) for the first section of the road (this is one of many permits they need to obtain).  Their RWQCB application is grossly inadequate—TCA is overlooking impacts to important wetlands, the San Juan Creek, and the surrounding watershed (which could potentially affect the coastal zone).

We need your help to remind the TCA (and decision makers) that the public doesn’t want their toll road.

The RWQCB will be hearing TCA’s application March 13 (in Costa Mesa at 9am).   WE NEED YOU TO ATTEND!  Please mark your calendars. Surfrider will be launching an “action alert” so you can write the RQWCB.  We will also be developing talking points that can be used during public comment at the hearing on March 13.

Keep checking this blog for updates, and if you have questions about the hearing and/or the TCA’s new plan, contact Stefanie at:

Break out your old Save Trestles tee shirts and join us March 13! 


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Hi- Im all in for stopping the toll road! Here's a video I made to stop the last one. Hope it helps.

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