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For almost two decades, the Save San Onofre Coalition has fought to prevent highway infrastructure through San Onofre State Beach, which is one of the top five most-visited state parks in California.  The park protects the last remaining undeveloped watershed in southern California, is home to the world-famous Trestles Beach, and houses ten federally-threatened or endangered species.  
Over the past 15 years our coalition has won many victories to protect this world-class park.  In 2008, thousands of activists showed up to the Coastal Commission hearing, defeating the permitting of a 6-lane toll road and fight for park protections.  And during our hard-fought lawsuit and settlement negotiations, we received support from the California Attorney General and many other agencies and leaders to ensure the park was protected from a toll road.  
While we successfully settled the lawsuit and secured an agreement that bans Toll Road Developers from building a road through the park, we are concerned about recent statements by local government officials calling for building road construction through San Onofre State Beach and other protected conservation land.  Such statements defy the decades-long battle to protect the park and, once again, put San Onofre State Beach at risk.   
Last week, Assemblymember Tasha Boerner-Horvath introduced a bill which aims to shore up protections for San Onofre State Beach. The bill promptly passed successfully through committee.
The Save San Onofre Coalition seeks to mobilize elected officials, municipalities, and members of the public to take action supporting this bill so that it will pass into law.  In the early days of the fight, many leaders, municipalities, and thousands of members of the public endorsed our cause, writing letters, signing petitions, and passing resolutions supporting the protection of San Onofre State Beach. Now, we’re reaching out to inform you of this crucial bill which stands to create additional protections for San Onofre.
We will continue to update you as this bill works its way through the legislative process. In the coming months, we will ask that you reinforce your support for the protection of San Onofre State Beach through communications with the legislature. Thank you for your vigilant and sustained help over the course of the long struggle to protect San Onofre from roadway construction!


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