Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Department of Commerce Hearing Events Update.

Due to the postponement of the Department of Commerce hearing at the UCI Bren Center we decided to postpone our "Hands Across the Toll Road" event scheduled for this Saturday, July 19th. This event is geared toward drawing attention to the importance of attending the Dept of Commerce hearing--and we want to hold this event in conjunction with the hearing. Since the hearing date/location is still up in the air, we are holding off on this demonstration until the Federal Government confirms a new location.

However, Surfrider and Sierra Club are planning a community meeting on July 24th to talk about what the possible postponement of the hearing means. Mark Massara, long time Surfrider and Sierra Club activist, (and attorney) will be on hand to discuss the current situation and answer questions. The meeting will take place on July 24th at the San Clemente Community Center at 7:30 pm. click here for directions

Don't forget... about all the work Surfrider Chapters are doing to raise awareness about the Trestles campaign. Many Surfrider chapters have events planed in local communities to raise awareness and inform people about the change in the venue of the public hearing. Please double check your local Chapter website for more details.

The Los Angeles Times released a great editorial today highlighting the fact that intense public interest demands that the hearing be rescheduled. click here

Update: Here is the official letter from NOAA


Steven Sprinkel said...

The reason for the cancellation of the Commerce Dept.'s Bren Center meeting has not been fleshed out enough. Bren was too small? Perhaps there are too many young folks in the region who have time on their hands to protest the 241? Too many folks with seasonal downtime ( teachers-even farmers, I farm more in the winter)with more time on their hands? Postponing takes the wind out of the Save Trestles sails? I would like to know more-see the officlal document perhaps, but have not seen it. Perhaps it is more available than I am aware...and if so pardon the curiosity...but ramping up a big turnout takes energy and that has been dissipated...

Mark Rauscher said...

I added the official letter to bottom of the post. While it takes a lot of energy to ramp up, there is a tremendous level of interest and energy in the community. People REALLY don't want this road, so I fully expect that we won't have any problemms once the new hearing is scheduled.

Just keep up the pressure, write letters to your local paper and speak out when given the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Why is the website called Save Trestles? Trestles isn't threatened. I surf and I love Trestles, but it is very misleading to say that Trestles is at risk. The toll road will reduce traffic and improve the lives of millions of working people who use the 5 Freeway on a daily basis. What wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

Let's get the facts straight here: The vast majority of the general population wants the toll road built because it would reduce traffic in South Orange County. The opposition to the Toll Road is a very-well organized tiny minority using scare tactics to convince the public that Trestles is somehow threatened.

Anonymous said...

I think we should re-name this website: More Traffic, More Congestion, Cripple Our Economy so that a trout can swim un-impeded up Santa Mateo Creek.

Anonymous said...

That's strange, I have yet to meet one person in my area who wants the toll road to be built. If I ever meet you, you will probably be the first... I find that a majority of the community in these beach cities is strongly and actively against the toll road. We want to preserve what little natural beauty our coasts have left. It makes sense that out-of-towners complaining about their commute would want their lives to be easier, but the truth is - our land deserves to be preserved, and we aren't going to let impatient commuters ruin it. If you are really that distressed by traffic then maybe you need to sort your life out instead of ruining our coasts.

Pete van Nuys said...

 Ol' Anonymous sure is an ignorant shill. The "vast" majority of OC citizens clearly don't support the toll roads 'cause they avoid them like the plague. Fact: in any 24 hour period, on any segment of toll way, parallel freeway segments generally carry at least 5 TIMES the traffic, according to OCTA and Caltrans. See the maps on Abolish TCA

 He or she also can't read maps, 'cause if they could they'd see their much pimped 241 doesn't go anywhere. Back when the rich Republicans in Newport Beach knew for certain El Toro was gonn'a become an International Airport, the 241 was 'sposed to carry North San Diego's burgeoning population up here to fly out. Check the map, trace a tiny pencil line from 241's giant gash in the foothills right into El Toro. Didn't matter that all it did after that was dump traffic onto the 91. But now TCA is stuck with pretending that was their plan all along.

 Check the toll revenue, Anonymous. The 241 is toast!

Anonymous said...

"More traffic"???

We all know that toll-road is just so greedy developers can get a road put in to their planned development.

Sorry, but I'm so sick of tax-payers bailing out stupid government and big business schemes.

COTN Village Team said...

Hate traffic - you're the cause. There are many alternate solutions to reduce congestion - with gas at the price it is and rising, we as spoiled Americans need to change our ways. Instead of wasting time and resources trying to improve the roads we should be pressuring for more public transportation. I don't hear the 8 million residents of NYC whinihg about traffic -because its always there; most people don't own cars they use the subways. Use alternate transportation - ever heard of the Coaster or Surfliner? Carpool, vanpool, bus, bike. Why should the tax payers foot the bill because you choose to live 20 miles from where you work. We all have to make sacrifices when it comes to choosing where we live. Would we all like big houses with yards and live close to work? YES! but wake up we live in So Cal - its not going to happen. We need to stop whinig and start being more proactive. Have you ever driven on the I5 at 6 am? There's not that much traffic - go to the gym before work! What do you dislike more waking up early or traffic? Individuals need to change their behavior; get out of your So Cal bubble and see how the rest of the world functions! A more expansive public transportation system will provide more permanent jobs than building a toll road. That contract is over in 5 years and needs minimal maintenace after that. Public transportation provides permanent jobs for people!

COTN Village Team said...

Surfbreaks are established and maintained by several factors including sediment flow. A constant supply of sediment needs to be maintained to counteract the washing away by the waves and currents. Have you ever been to a construcion site that hasn't dug up dirt? When it rains, everything flows down stream and eventually into the ocean. Or if you pave over it, the sediment is trapped and can't continue its natural course. If you alter the sediment flow into San Matteo Creek, or anywhere near the I-5 corridor, it will ultimately alter the sediment flow feeding the Trestles break. Check out Beach Process and Sedimentation by Paul Komar; you might learn something! ps you can read it while your stuck in traffic

Anonymous said...

The traffic argument is the true distortion of the facts in this debate. Traffic in South Orange County would not be relieved by the building of the 241 because of the following two reasons:

1. Monday-Friday the north-bound traffic in Orange County becomes snarled at Crown Valley Parkway. Why? Because the Communities east of the 5 out to the 241 are attempting to get to the 5 and avoiding the 241, because the greatest centers of commerce are in Irvine and north along the 5 and 405. How could an extension of the 241 help relieve this traffic if it would take north bound traffic out of the way of its destination? It can't and it won't.

2. Weekend traffic - If you live in San Clemente you are well aware that during the summer months the worst traffic is going south towards San Diego, not going north. Therefore, the 241 extension would only feed more traffic into the 5 exacerbating the already existing bottle-neck.

The only logical reason I could see for a 241 Toll Road is to eventually service the development of the Mission Viejo Ranch - which is slated to build 16,000 units on the land directly behind San Clemente. If I were developing that land I would want that Toll Road too.

But I'm not. I'm a San Clemente homeowner with a vested interest in my property value and quality of life - both of which hinge on stopping development. Why? Because based on the laws of supply and demand if we limit the number of homes the demand goes up, and existing homeowners benefit (I apologize if that sounds greedy and self-serving - but such is the capitalist system we live in). And if they do build the "Ranch" and give the residents easy access to the beaches, if you think Trestles is a crowded break now, or you think the beaches in San Clemente are crowded now, wait until they finish the 241…

To be environmentally conscious, and to focus on quality of life, you must develop responsibly and, in my opinion, with extreme limitations. I don't trust developers to do that - their main motivation, much like mine, is to enrich themselves. However, they have hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal to further their agenda and influence even the highest office in the land. The only way to combat this is through a democratic voice where the votes of every individual mean more than the lobby dollars of the wealthy developers. Stop the Toll Road – I beg you…

Anonymous said...

If they were concerned about traffic and the environment they would build a commuter train for M-Fing 9-5ers up to L.A and back

that would establish less traffic less pollution and a very good alternative to the problem. But the problem is the toll road is set up for only a few private people to make milliions from this deal. That's why they are so adament about winning. The vast amount of people in the area think it is a stupid wasteful project and do not want it.

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