Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Write a Letter to Your Editor

Writing letters to the editor is a great way to raise awareness about the upcoming hearing. And most importantly, keep the pressure on the Secretary of Commerce to do the right thing.

Focusing on local papers is the best place to start. Please compose a quick letter, (no more than 125 words) to your local newspaper demanding the Federal Government uphold to the Coastal Commission’s ruling. Urge the Secretary of Commerce to stop this toll road once and for all. The route proposed does not relieves traffic, impacts the San Mateo watersheds, closes 60% of a beloved San Onofre State Beach, and is not environmentally sound.

OC REGISTER letters@ocregister.com
SD UNION TRIB letters@uniontrib.com
SCSUNPOST sunpostnews@ocregister.com
NO CO.TIMES letters@nctimes.com
LATIMES letters@latimes.com
DP NEWS apotter@ocregister.com
SADLBK VAL tcisneros@ocregister.com
SCTIMES ngarrett@sanclementetimes.com


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