Friday, September 16, 2011

Where are the Jobs?

A few months ago, the TCA shamelessly capitalized on Japan's Earthquake/Tsunami tragedy to try and scare South County residents into supporting their preferred alignment for the SR-241 completion.  Thankfully that effort failed to gain the desired traction and the TCA quickly abandoned it.  Now the predatory vultures are circling once again – this time around the national employment crisis.

According to a recent report by the TCA, Beacons Economics concluded that the completion of the SR-241 toll road would create 13,663 jobs in Orange County.  Alas, what the TCA failed to mention in their media communications announcing their report's findings is that the other traffic alternatives, including a widening of the existing Interstate 5 highway, would result in a comparable, if not greater number of jobs!

Flashback to 2008, when TCA CEO Tom Margro stood before the California Coastal Commission during a hearing on the proposed SR-241 project.  During questioning by Commission member Steve Blank, Margro was forced to admit that all construction projects, whether they were related to SR-241 or not, would create jobs. 

Have a look for yourself:

What's more, because the TCA has non-compete clauses written into their agreements with Cal Trans,  the state is currently being prevented from moving forward with the I-5 widening and other projects.  Not only is this working to stymy job creation, it is delaying improvements that could provide some much needed traffic solutions to South County!

As we have stated before – the TCA does not care about solving mobility issues.  If they did they would be supporting solutions such as increasing municipal transportation, HOV lanes and alternative projects.

Nor does the TCA care about solving the jobs issue in Southern California.  If they did they wouldn't be standing in the way of the CalTrans beginning to work on infrastructure projects that could put Californians back to work NOW, not several years from now.

To be clear, the TCA only cares about one thing – building toll roads…whether they are needed or not.


Tom T said...

I vacation in Southern California 3 or 4 times a year... mainly to surf San Onofre, Churches and Trestles. It is beautiful, my kids love it and we spend money. Why would I want to take my family on vacations to the area after they build another toll road and pollute the air and water? What kind of planet are we leaving behind for our kids and their kids. Stop this shortsighted stupidity and come up with real solutions that protect our future!

Vintage Surfari Wagons said...

TCA double talk will never stop. These folks think they are right and that's that. Their efforts are a perfect example of ends justifying means.

Thank you Surfrider for keeping an eye on these jackals.

Anonymous said...

Ronald Regan side the area aside for future generations, it is protected because of certain endangered species, it is a sacred barrial site for certain American Indian Tribes, it is one of the last open spaces in southern California were you can get away, the current toll system is a bust! Over priced, under utilized, using tax payer money & resources which was not supposed to happen & almost bankrupted. Most importantantly the people has said NO to the TCA three times by different governmental bodies! It's time they stop!!! No doesn't mean keep trying until new elected officals change their minds or the sneak it in under our noses. Keep an eye on the issue & keep Trestles & your State Park safe. You won't get it back.
Soul Stix
Bryan Hurley

Julianne said...

I have been informed that the next meeting regarding the extension of the Tesoro Extension {SR}241..the toll road threatening San Onofre State Park, is scheduled for June 19th at the San Diego Water Board office.

I attended the RWQCB (water board) hearing TCA’s application March 13 meeting in Costa Mesa. I was appalled at the number of TCA workers and union members bused in to this meeting. They blocked the entrance to the general public and protestors of this toll road that once again threatens San Onofre State Park. I literally had to muscle my way in to get a seat because they wouldn't allow me to pass them.

I hope that CalParks can inform people on the website so we can present a large unified group of opponents to the toll road when the next hearing is held in San Diego on June 19th. We need to encourange people to "Defend What's Yours" (once again) and come in buses or carpools in great numbers to combat the TCA union display of employees that are bused in to these meetings early so they can block the entrance for more than a half an hour or more before these meetings so the general public can't enter.

I'm glad the RWQCB decided they need a lot more information before they rule on this issue. It was my impression that they want to know exactly where the toll road will connect to the 5 before they make their final determination. But a large Defend San Onofre State Park showing will be necessary June 19th. I hope you can publicize this on your website.

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