Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Victory in San Diego!!

No good thing should come easy.

After failing to gain the support of the San Diego City Council last year, we went back and spent the last 11 months meeting with each member of the San Diego City Council and presented them with the facts.

Then yesterday, by a vote of 6-2, the San Diego City Council voted to adopt a resolution supporting San Onofre State Beach Park and opposing the planned SR-241 toll road extension!!

This now means that our efforts to stop the 241 toll road extension and protect our State Park and San Mateo Creek watershed resources are supported by the three largest cities in California: San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, as well as nearly a dozen other cities around the state!

Next stop – the California Coastal Commission hearing on October 11th in San Pedro. This is a big one folks!!

This hearing will determine whether the TCA’s 241 extension project is consistent with the California Coastal Act.

We are asking everyone to take a moment and send one of our Action Alert emails to the California Coastal Commission. Simply click here to send them a message.

The Surfrider Foundation has also reserved several motor coaches to shuttle activists from South Orange County and San Diego to San Pedro. If you are interested in attending the meeting (we need all the bodies we can get there folks!) and would like to go up on one of the buses, please email Stefanie at as soon as possible!


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