Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Save Trestles Again. Help Topple the Toll Road

Urge Decision-makers to Deny Toll Road Again.

We know, we can't believe we are still fighting this road.   Yes, the same road that Surfrider and thousands of people fought—and the same road that was rejected by the California Coastal Commission and the Bush Administration in 2008 because of its devastating impacts San Onofre State Beach and coastal resources.

Since 2011, the TCA has been purposing to build the road in “segments”—five miles at a time.   Their segmentation approach is an ultimate guise to build the entire road down to San Onofre State Beach.  The Regional Water Quality Control Board saw through their ruse to build the road in pieces and denied the first segment in June of 2013. TCA appealed that decision to the State Board.  Fortunately, the State Board upheld the original decision.  Now, the Regional Board is scheduled to “adopt its findings” at a March 16th hearing.

Please send a letter to the RWQCB here urging them to adopt the staff-recommended findings for denial of the "Tesoro Extension." Help us remind the Board that the findings properly reflect the law and the negative impacts to water quality and coastal resources.  If you live in southern California, please attend the March 16th hearing in San Diego.   
Surfrider will also be developing materials that can be used at the hearing.  Please circulate our action alert to friends!  


WHEN: March 16th 2015.  There is no time certain for the toll road item, but the meeting begins at 9::00 am.  Once we know the exact time the item will be heard, we will update this blog. 

WHERE: NTC at Liberty Station, McMillin Companies Event Center, 2875 Dewey Road, San Diego.

WHAT: Save Trestles once and for all! 


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